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We are happy to help you with issues related to the academic programme, the application and selection procedure, visa and accommodation, and any other questions you might have both before applying for the programme and after admission. If the information on our website and our FAQ should not answer any enquiries you may have then please contact us by email via:


Visa Information

As each country has different immigration and visa requirements and the process per university in supporting you with the visa application is different, we refer you to the universities own website for the needed information. 

Health Insurance

All students with a scholarship will be insured through AON ICS Complete+ which fulfils the minimum requirements for the Health and Accident Insurance coverage of EMJMD students . This insurance is valid and has coverage for all countries in Europe.

Minimum requirements for the Health and Accident Insurance coverage of EMJMD students.

  • Students without a scholarship from non-EER countries are strongly advised to arrange AON ICS Complete+ through this programme.
  • Students without a scholarship from EER countries are strongly advised to be insured according to the minimum requirement for the health and accident insurance coverage under EMJMD.  

    Link to the EMJMD insurance guidelines 

Student Life 

  • Student life at Tartu University

    During every semester there are a lot of student events: international food fest, movie evenings, sledging, sauna days etc. The definite highlights of each semester are Spring and Autumn Students Days. Tartu offers plenty of opportunities for sports: the university sports hall, several well-equipped gyms and fitness clubs, squash and tennis courts, bowling clubs, swimming pools.

    You can find a lot of information via this link: 

  • Student Life at UCLouvain University

    UCLouvain is an institution that welcomes the most students in French-speaking Belgium. Since the creation of the University and even since its establishment in Louvain-la-Neuve and Brussels-Woluwe, students have organized themselves into different groups in order to animate the campuses.

    Most student associations are divided into four types of activities:

    • Student representation, ensured by the Louvain Student General Assembly (AGL) at the UCLouvain level; student offices, at the faculty level, and the general coordination of international students (CGEI).
    • Project kots (in Louvain-la-Neuve, Brussels-Woluwe and Mons), in which students living together share a collective project throughout the academic year.
    • Les Régionales, which allow students from the same geographical region to meet and share their local folklore with other students on campus.
    • Cercles, which bring together students from the same Faculty.

    The University supports and supervises the student associations through various regulations, the provision of premises and equipment or the allocation of subsidies. This abundant student life allows students to experience a pleasant and lively university course while developing various extra-academic skills (project management, group work, taking on responsibilities ...).

    You can find a lot of information via this link:

  • Student life at the University of Lund

    Considered the number one city for students in Sweden, Lund offers an exciting campus environment with a vibrant student life, an international atmosphere and memorable student traditions.

    The main Lund University campus is set in the charming cobble-stoned city of Lund, which dates back to 990. Today, students make up almost half of the population in the city.

    Ask any graduate what is special about Lund University and chances are they will say Lund’s unique student life. The ‘nations’ (large student societies), the Academic Society and the student unions have created many long-standing student traditions and their combined activities form the heart of student life in Lund.

    There are many opportunities to meet people and make new friends, whether you prefer to go to a student lounge to relax, party, join in a debate, sing in a choir, attend a ball, go on an excursion, see an exhibition, join a sports team, volunteer at the student radio station, perform in the theatre or join in other student events.

    You can find a lot of information via this link:

  • Student life at the University of Twente

    Going to university is a lot more than just getting a degree. It is about leaving home and entering the world. Finding out who you are, what you can contribute and how best to do it. It is about friendships, teamwork, shared accomplishments. Relaxing and having fun in between all the hard work. Feeling at home, finding your place in this world. Getting an education – in the very fullest sense of the word!

    The University of Twente (UT) is home to over 11,000 students – more than 2,000 of whom live on-campus – and 3,200 employees. Together we do all we can to go beyond mere academic excellence. That means we’re strong on personal growth, intercultural teamwork, converting theories and knowledge into viable real-world solutions. It means our campus is not just a learning environment, but also a meeting place, a stomping ground for sports, culture and relaxation and a venue for unforgettable events.

    You can find a lot of information via this link:  and also this link:


Below you will find information per university about their accomodation options. Important to note here is that if you would want to make use of the university housing faciltities and support with finding housing, the coordinator needs to be informed at the latest by May for each intake year. 

  • Lund University


    When it comes to accommodation, there are many options open to a student in Lund. A good way of being introduced to student life is living in a dormitory, where you share a kitchen and living room with other students. Private or student apartments are also among the possibilities. Some students live outside Lund, in Malmö or Eslöv, for example, where it is easier to find a place to live. Communications are good and distances short.

    Click here for more information 

  • University of Twente - ITC

    ITC International Hotel and hotel room

    Students are accommodated in well-furnished rooms or apartments at the ITC International Hotel. The hotel and its annexes are located in the centre of Enschede, close to the ITC main building and close to the railway station, shopping centre, market and post-office. Additional facilities include a 24-hour reception/information desk, a self-service laundry, a restaurant, a bar and other recreation areas, an auditorium for films and meetings, and a basic medical service.

    More information on the ITC hotel accomodation here

  • University of Tartu

    The University of Tartu has a Student Campus for housing degree-seeking students. It has five dormitories for degree-seeking students that are all located in the city centre within convenient walking distance of the main study building.   

    More information about accomodation can be found here  

    Some impressions of a student room in Tartu 


  • UCLouvain

    Many options exist to accommodate students in Louvain-la-Neuve. Shared flats where the students have their own room but share a kitchen, living area and bathroom facilities are certainly the best way for being introduced to student life and to learn French. UCLouvain has also created the unique concept of theme-based shared flats (the so-called ‘kots à projet’), which involves students living in shared accommodation and working together on a social, cultural or sport-related project. Private studios and flats or even living in a family are also among the possibilities.


    More information can be found here 
    More practical information can be found here

Living Costs

Every city has its own cost of living. Each partner university has information on their own page regarding these costs. Please see below the links to the appropriate pages.