Scholarships and Finances

The GEM programme has approximately 15 full scholarships per intake from Erasmus +, but candidates may also apply for other types of funding/scholarships to enter the GEM programme. For self-funded students, we refer you to the financial information mentioned below.


If you wish to apply for an Erasmus+ (EMJMD) scholarship, please note the following: 

If you apply online before 14th January 2022, your application will automatically be considered for an Erasmus+ scholarship.

Candidates who have applied for an Erasmus+ fellowship will be provisionally notified of the outcome by 1st May 2022. Following approval by the EU, the final outcome will be confirmed by 31st May 2022.

Note that Erasmus+ adhere to the following clauses regarding  their scholarship funding:


Candidates who wish to apply for alternative scholarships (for example, Netherlands Fellowship Programme, World Bank, etc.) may have to observe early deadlines and an early application is recommended.

Some other scholarship options can be found below from the different partner universities, but note that each scholarship provider has its own requirements and may not necessarily be suitable for you/your study.


Approximately 15 Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) Scholarships are offered each year. EMJMD scholarships will offer funding for the duration of a maximum of 24 months and provide the following: 

Note: The difference between a partner and programme country is explained more in detail on the website of the European Commission. 

A partner country applicant cannot have lived in a programme country for 12 or more months in the past 5 years (otherwise the applicant would be categorised as an applicant from a programme country). Proof needs to be provided (upon being selected) to show this.  

 **Please use the Distance Calculator 

Below a visual overview for more clarity:


The difference between a partner and programme country is explained more in detail here