Finances for Self-funded students

The deadline for applications from self-financed students is the same as for all applications to the GEM programme. See the application page here for the dates.

After you have submitted your application and your application was assessed academically acceptable by the GEM consortium, you will receive an invoice automatically for the tuition fee.

If you require a full invoice of these total costs, for instance, for an alternative scholarship provider, please contact us.

Below you will find a table with a cost estimation for self-funded students:

Cost estimation for self-funded students

 Partner Countries

Programme Countries 

Tuition fee whole course 24 months



Estimated additional costs (visa, residence permit, sundry costs such as passport photos, smart card, and deposit)



Estimated insurance costs for 24 months

  • For non-EU students: it is mandatory to have complete health insurance to meet the immigration requirements for the visa application purposes
  • For EU students: it is strongly advised to have complete health insurance to join the MSc GEM Programme.



Estimated living allowance for 24 months (incl. housing)

  • Please ensure that you have sufficient means of financial support. 



Estimated total costs 



Important notes:

  1. Fees are in euros and are subject to change.
  2. Living expenses are estimated at approximately € 1000 per month but may be slightly higher or lower depending on the country where you study. The living expenses for the non-EU students are based on the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). For EU students , as the applicant is an EU resident there is no need to meet the IND requirements. Therefore the amount is an estimation of monthly living costs, we refer you to the Student Information page where you may find information about the living costs per partner country 
  3. Any travel costs (international/local/ inter-European) are at the student's own expenses. Costs for fieldwork and field trips are included already in the tuition fee and does not have to be paid for separately. 


The tuition fee is to be fully paid in advance to cover the total duration of the course.
Applicants may request the facility to pay their total expenses (i.e. the full amounts shown on the invoice) in two equal annual instalments.
The payment table in these cases is as follows:


Payment 1

Due date

Payment 2

Due date

MSc GEM Programme

50% of total costs

1 June 2024

50% of total costs

1 May 2025

Failure to pay the fee instalment by the stated deadline will be considered grounds for non-registration for the forthcoming academic year.


Candidates who wish to apply for alternative scholarships (for example, World Bank, etc.) may have to observe early deadlines and an early application is recommended.

Some other scholarship options can be found below from the different partner universities but note that each scholarship provider has its own requirements and may not necessarily be suitable for you/your study.