Wondering whether the GEM course is the course for you? Read below some of the testimonials from GEM alumni and how they experienced their study and what has become of them. 

Tracy Zaarour
(Lebanon), GEM 2017, Research assistant at UNESCWA  

The GEM program has enabled me to easily find a job back home where the rate of unemployment is high. I worked for 3 years in a local environmental consulting company and I moved recently to UNESCWA.

On a personal level, I got the chance to meet people from around the world and to make lasting international friendships!

Abel Ramoelo
(South Africa), GEM 2007, Regional Ecologist/Remote Sensing Specialist at South African National Parks (

Wow, the GEM MSc programme was a gem. I did not only enjoy and progress on my education and scientific parts , but an opportunity to engage and study with people all over the world. Today, most of my class-mates are now my collaborators as we take Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation for Environmental Management and Modelling to another level.

Namrata Bhattacharya Mis
(GB), GEM 2010, Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader, Geography and International Development, University of Chester (

The GEM course was one of the most wonderful journeys which not only provided me with valuable lifechanging learning but also gave me access to invaluable lifelong friendship.

Niladri Gupta
(Thailand), GEM 2008, Sr Project Manager/Climate Risk Management, ADPC,

GEM 2006 has been the experience of my life which opened up a lot of opportunities in my professional career. The multi-cultural European Experience along with a network of friends from 17 countries was an unforgettable one. Its been 14 years since I joined GEM  and social media has still kept our team together where we share our memories, happiness and sorrow. A course which is bound to change one's life .


Melissa Bartee
(USA), GEM 2017, Accountmanager, Esri (

The GEM-MSc program offered me an opportunity to hone a practical skill set that was more domain-driven, which I needed to be competitive in the workforce back home. Post-graduation I quickly found work with local government and emergency services and was well-equipped for that position. Now, I work for a multinational software company supporting utilities in adopting GIS to meet their business needs.

Beyond all, my connections forged through the program have been enriching, and I'm proud to have friends all over the world after our paths crossed at ITC. I'm grateful for the opportunity to make lifelong friends, to get to see Europe with them, and for the ITC community welcoming us all to the Dutch way of life.

Juan Escamilla Molgora
(Mexico), GEM 2015, Research Associate, Lancaster University,

The GEM course gave me the opportunity to meet great people from diverse cultural backgrounds as well as different cities, countries and academic systems. I made authentic friendships and was the step I needed to continue an academic career.

Mohammad Redowan
(Bangladesh), GEM 2010, Professor in Forestry and Enviornmental Science, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology,

It is ITC/GEM which has better-shaped my understanding of academic research of which I am getting the benefit  still until today. 

Matthias Herkt
(Germany), GEM 2007, Head of Competence Center Remote Sensing, North Rhine Westphalian State Agency (LANUV-RNW),

The GEM MSc programme has equipped me with all the fundamentals needed to do and enjoy my current job: a great overview of what remote sensing is all about, the main methods to explore these data and extract value, the importance of considering multiple dimensions and system dynamics, how to find research questions that matter, delightful field work experiences, and above all the joy of an 18 months journey shared with like-minded people from all over the world in a multifaceted European education environment with teachers that really care about you.

 Abel Chemura
 (Germany), GEM 2012, Postdoc, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research,

The GEM Masters program was wonderful mix of contact, experiential and practical learning for me. I could never have hoped for anything more.


Debajyoti Bhowmick
(India), GEM 2009, Consultant, Institute of Environmental Studies and Wetland Management,

I believe pursuing my GEM-MSc course was perhaps the most satisfying, enjoyable and learning experience for me. Influenced and inspired by Erasmus, this course helped not only put a feather to my academic qualification, with a world class learning experience, but redefined the meaning of learning in many facets. It taught us life-skills, widened our views, became friends from all over the world, learned from world class teachers, got access to finest journals and research paper and for the vagabond mind gave opportunity to travel all over Europe. My take on this course is that it can’t get any better.

Diana Diaz 
(Colombia), GEM 2011, Project Manager, Instituto de Investigación de Recursos Biológicos Alexander von Humboldt,

The GEM Master Course was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned tons and made friends from all over the world. I constantly recommend the course, not only because it is an excellent academic opportunity, but also because it is a life changing opportunity.


Titus K. Suter
(Kenya), GEM 2014, Founder & CEO (The Mentopreneur), Eagle Wings Mentorship Academy,

While studying at ITC I felt at home as I enjoyed the company of other students from Kenya, East Africa Community (EAC) and across Africa. My favourite moments were the common Kenyan and EAC events, including international food festival where we sampled different cuisines from around the world.   

I was greatly fascinated by the concepts of critical thinking and system thinking that influenced my worldview, including discovering my purpose of growing people.

When I completed my GEM MSc., I was awarded two master’s degrees from both the University of Twente and University of Warsaw.Apart from my mentorship program, I am also an Education and Career Expert (Consultant) at, where I have contributed to more than 2,000+ published articles. As an Erasmus Mundus Alumni, I have also participated in many Erasmus+ and Study in Europe events organized by the European Union in Kenya, including at the University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University and Catholic university of Eastern Africa (CUEA).